2015 Los Angeles Auto Show - Tomorrow's Technologies Merging with Style

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2015 Los Angeles Auto Show - Tomorrow's Technologies Merging with Style

This year marked the 106th year in the history of the Los Angeles Auto Show.
While many of the cars may be similar year to year, this show had an important role for many automobile manufacturers.  Not least of which was to launch the brand new 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia, which marked strongly, the return of the powerful and emotional branding of Alfa Romeo for the line of Italians.   Alfa as been missing in the USA since 1995 with the last of the 164's rolling off the ships.   While smaller volume of cars like the 8C were discreetly sold since 2008, it isn't till now that the brand had returned with a strong presence.

Also on display at this show was the Aston Martin DB-10 from the Bond film "SPECTRE" a concept car that had a major stunt scene in the film. With much accolades, the new Ford GT, as well as the Mustang 350R were also highlights.  Toyota was again, eager to introduce the Hydrogen-powered Mirai and it's technologies, infrastructure, and the future with a rather elaborate setup of dazzling interactive booth, and accompanied by future mobility cars from the recent idea-councors in Japan.  Cadillac and Jaguar both launched respectively an SUV-Crossover along with Lexus' all-new RX and NX.

On the ever popular gun-fight of sedans, AMG and BMW both brought back their lineup evolving from the last, and Audi sits poised with the evolution of the RS4, S6 and S8.   Lexus introduced the controversial RC-F earlier this year, and at this show, was accompanied by the four door sibling, the GS-F, ready to aim and fire at the Europeans.  Cadillac isn't sitting still either in this segment with the V-series.

Honda delighted us with a surprise gem of a concept hidden behind the big booth that showcased the Mirai fighter, the FCV Clarity.  But the hydrogen wasn't the shocking surprise to most car nuts, but it was the "Project 2&4" a formula style track car with a 1000cc motorcycle powerplant, bolted onto the sexiest carbon open monocoque.

In light of the recent company fiasco, it was a pleasure to see that Volkswagen didn't look at all anemic by any means.  It's usual vibrant display of fantastic cars lined the brightly lit floor too.

There were also plenty of custom show cars and concepts displayed at all sections of the giant triple decks floor space of the LA Convention Center too.
And this year just seemed brilliant for the visitors as well as the manufacturers and the industry that is cars.  We hope it stays this way and continue to inspire folks of all ages to enjoy cars again.