Clazzio Seat Cover and LED Interior lighting

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Clazzio Seat Cover and LED Interior lighting

Available now, from Clazzio (A Japanese leather seat semi-permanent cover goes over the stock seats and is held on tightly with clever straps and hooks, is an economical way of giving you the leather seats you've wanted (if you did). The memory foam padding actually gives a more supple hold than stock seats, and feels very snug at lateral and longitudinal g-forces too, unlike popular belief. This product costs about half the price of full leather re-upholstering, and is for all four seats in the FR-S/BRZ.

Clazzio seat covers are all fully custom made to order with choice of colors, materials, and combinations of them in center and side supports as well as stitch type and color.

Also, I took the same weekend to add some LED lighting to the floor and door courtesy area. The foot well is lit by a two stage LED array, with orange bright at door open, and dark red dim at headlight on and driving, and single red LED beams a broad dim light on the center console to help see the area without having a blinding light source at night.


Updated 6/20/2015
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