Cusco Progressive Equipement, company of automotive passion

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Cusco Progressive Equipement, company of automotive passion

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Here is a 1985 Toyota Corolla Levin (AE86), driven by the late founder, rally driver, and a motorsports fanatic, Mr.Kase, who dearly loved to race, and grew a parts business from this, in the 1970's, long before he renamed his operation Cusco, from Carrosser.

You ask what the difference is between a Cusco part, and some replica parts? Well we have always raced, and rallied to prove our parts first as a hobby, and professional motorsport. And then, as a product after people wanted to equip their cars with the parts we made.

We still carry this tradition, with continuous efforts in All-Japan Rally, and partners in all forms of racing in Japan, Europe, East Asia, Australia, and in the USA.

When you're buying Cusco, you are buying a legacy of a man, his passion that is kept alive by our staff, and the true meaning of what automotive fanaticism and enthusiasm is all about.

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