Cusco braces for Scion FR-S

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Cusco braces for Scion FR-S

I just got these installed, first purchase, and test fitting at Cusco USA. I'm happy to report to all of you that installation of the left-hand-drive master brace stopper equipped tower brace, diagonal supports, and oil catch cans installed fine, fit perfectly, and functions as designed. The oil catch tank does operate fine with EGR system with open vent configuration too, but can be chosen to install in a closed loop as required by emissions regulations in areas required, as well.

The tow hooks fit fine as well, but does require to you either remove the hook port cover, or drill it for a integrated look. This is without the covers for now, still debating if I want to drill or just leave it off till I need it on my track outing. I put it on both ends for you all to see.

Enjoy! They are available now from CUSCO USA.

5_9_2012_Cusco-100-38 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-39 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-10 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-9 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-8 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-7 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-6 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-5 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-3 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-2 5_9_2012_Cusco-100-4 5_9_2012_Cusco-100