AE86/85 Model Name Comparison Chart


Local Model Name Body Chassis Engine Grade Name Transmission
Japan Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno* 3 door AE86 4A-GEU GT Apex 5M
    AE86 4A-GEU GTV 5M
    AE85 3A-U SR 5M
  2 door AE86 4A-GEU GT-Apex 5M
    AE86 4A-GEU GT 5M
    AE85 3A-U SE 5M
    AE85 3A-U GL AT
    AE85 3A-U Rhyme / Lisse AT
USA Corolla Coupe SR5/GTS** 3 door AE86 4A-GEC GTS 5M
    AE86 4A-C SR5 5M / AT
  2 door AE86 4A-GEC GTS 5M
    AE86 4A-C SR5 5M / AT
EC Corolla Sport Coupe*** 3 door AE86 4A-GEU GT 5M
  2 door AE86 4A-GEU GT 5M
AUS Sprinter Coupe*** 3 door AE86 4A-C GT 5M / AT
  2 door AE86 4A-C GT 5M

* In Japan, the Levin model featured fixed headlights, and the Trueno models featured the retracting headlight system.  Other features not offered in the foreign markets were automatic climate control, rear hatch wiper, power windows, digital instrumentation, and side skirts of the GT-Apex.  Most AE86/AE85 were shipped as 2 tone exterior paint scheme.  "U" in the engine designation is "universal" meaning standard emissions as equipped in Japan.

** In the USA only the retractable lighting was offered.  Very limited late-models were equipped with power windows.  US spec SR5 though designated AE86, were equipped with standard AE85 rear axles and drum brakes as well as interior trim.  4A-GEC is a specific USA California Emissions Certified versions.  4A-C is a SOHC 1.6 liter engine certified for USA emissions, and is similar to the 1.5L SOHC unit in Japanese AE85 models.

***In Europe and Australia, the fixed lighting was the only choice, and spoilers and color keyed bumpers were deleted for the standard Japanese AE85 grade parts.