Some extra stuff

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Some extra stuff

Postby XII » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:42 pm

Just taking up space make me an offer, I can ship at buyer's expense. will post more of stuff I find. pics on request.

- RWD 4AGE engine harness, some connectors have seen better days it's not the best shape, some crimp connections here and there

- RWD TVIS intake manifold with complete throttle

- like 3 tvis butterfly sets with vsv and canisters

- a few 1st gen bigport ECUs, some fom mr2s will have to check what part numbers I got

- 1st gen bigport cams, 1 IN 1 EX

- one set factory cam cogs

- one set ebay aluminum adjustable cogs, great shape 5 bolt units the marks don't match exactly from one to the other but they do what they're supposed to

- bosch(? I have to check my paperwork) RWD distributor from napa, some corrosion inside from sitting but contacts are perfect and so are the seals, probably has no more than 6000 miles or so on it

- brand new Cusco high durameter lowering engine mounts and transmission mount

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