1985 GTS Hatchback for sale Orange County

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1985 GTS Hatchback for sale Orange County

Postby ae86714 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:18 pm

Life is hard.
asking $5500 (Offers and negotiating will only be done in person)
Car has something like 218k on the odometer (Stock motor)
Car runs and drives good.
Registration just expired in June (2018), I paid it, but I still need to smog it. No check engine light, but its got aftermarket intake and maybe an exhaust leak. Maybe I can get it smogged still, but I'm not sure if my guy is still down. I will figure it out with you if you intend to buy.
Paint has seen better days, and it was in a low speed front end accident (see pictures), but overall its fairly decent looking. I've been fixing little things here and there with no goal other than just driving it. I'll post link to the build log so you guys get an idea of what the car's been treated.
Here's a list of stuff I got around to during the time I've owned it (about 4 years):
-Installed a reupholstered interior with temperature insulation.
-Belt and Rad. hoses
-New KYB GR-2 all around on Tanabe GF210
-New Exedy OEM clutch
-New Clutch Master and Slave
-New Toyota OEM motor and trans mounts
-New drive shaft carrier bearing
-New generic muffler
-New Spark plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor
-New Toyota OEM fuel filter
-New rear main seal
-New OEM (Moog) outer Tie rods (perfectly aligned)
-T3 shifter rebuild
-IAC block off plate
-OEM NON A/C duct installed
-Lots of Tread on Falken cheapies

Like every good AE86 owner, I have some parts that can be included for the right price. Extra bluetop engine, extra bluetop head, brand new NST pulleys, trunk plastics, and other bits.

current height
Imaged10eb7f8-b3ef-4d76-a912-2bdc679d8b39_zps474dec3d by Luan Pham, on Flickr

ImageFB_IMG_1530568888286 by Luan Pham, on Flickr

Imagea77fb701-45b1-435d-a8e6-1e5e8ecad879_zpsceqsufho by Luan Pham, on Flickr

Image3dbb68bb-f7b6-4576-a287-3caf5fadcc80_zpsnt4c7pqp by Luan Pham, on Flickr

More Pictures in the Build Log

And here's pictures of the front end, its pretty light damage. Hood and bumper are slightly tweaked, front grill is still useable, but cracked. You'll see if you come look in person.

Image20170919_115537 by Luan Pham, on Flickr

Image633 by Luan Pham, on Flickr

Email: ltpham707@gmail.com
Phone (text or email first before calling please): (714)865-3552
I'll answer any questions you have about the car, but no price talk unless we're face to face.

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Re: 1985 GTS Hatchback for sale Orange County

Postby s3cf » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:51 am

very nice car, glws!

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