Meng Tea's Scion FRS

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 Meng Tea's Scion FRS

SoCal FRSSoCal FRS/BRZ MeetFRS 86Club4AG,Aero by MV Designz
Wheel: Enkei RP-F1
Suspension: RSR-Black-i
Roof Spoiler and antenna: BeatSonic USA
Contributing Equipment: AEM, Greddy, Toyota Japan, Longo Scion, Falken Tires

Seen often at local Southern California meets and Scion events, Meng Tea's Scion FR-S is a pretty familiar sight these days.  But despite the frequency of his outings as a representative of FRS86, a So-Cal web club and online retail outlet, his car never seems to stop evolving.

Despite the huge amounts of new parts that seem to become available, Meng chooses his parts carefully, not only to visually stay in theme with his visions, but to collaborate with many talents to make sure all upgrades are functional and effective.  His love of going "deep down" with the ride height is never compromised with rough ride or depreciation of handling balance.  The RSR Black-i that he is jointly developing with Club4AG's Moto, and RSR USA, is focused on going low.  It's a change up from RSR's Sport-i meant of the track, this Black-i is designed for outstanding ride on street use, and riding visually low without compromising stroke range or compliant ride quality, and ultimately the handling balance within the constraints of what is functionally available at such height.

Meng sports a number of differnt wheels each time, but this time he has on, one of his own favorite, the Enkei RP-F1 with 18" diameter.   Together with RSR, the performance and ride is complimented by the Falken FK453 which are the testing benchmark tire for this application.
Recently, he gained the styling cues from the addition of the new MV Designz lower claddings and upper body is finished off with Beatsonic USA's roof spoiler and fin antenna and tail wrapped with Five Axis Design rear spoiler.  Most of the outer cosmetic trim are replaced with Japanese-market lamps, and badges, as well as other small pieces that tell-tails that Meng is very much in the know of all things FT86 around the world.  Interior parts are not skimped either with Pioneer/Scion system complimented by the best-in-the-business sound stage of OEM Audio+ Reference 400, along with other touches to match his exquisite imagination.



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