RS-R Sports-i Club4AG Moto-Spec Coil-Over

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RS-R Sports-i Club4AG Moto-Spec Coil-Over

Due to the popularity of the RSR Sports-i Coilver for the FRS in Club4AG spec, RSR is temporarily shipped a few dozen sets of Sports-i to the USA.

What this means is you save a ton on the usual international shipping from Japan, and with the new MSRP of $1799, it's now more affordable than ever.
It's still the same i-Shock based units with all the specifications and materials as the units that once sold for more than $3000 in the past, and thanks to the much more favorable USD to JPY exchange rate, all the savings are brought down to you!

There is only a limited supply and once it's out, you'll pay more on shipping again, and 2-3 weeks of waiting... so hurry!
Price is good till the end of April 2013.

You can purchase them directly from RSR USA, or online at http;// web, where you can also get free apparel and gear till supplies last on the offer.

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