Club 4A-G Terminology

Some funny terms used by Toyota Fanatics not part of standard automotive language.

Not endorsed by Toyota Motor Corporation...I don't think...

Model Designation Nicknames of Japan
  • Ni Nana / Mango (TE27) - Corolla / Sprinter (1972~1974)
  • San Nana / Mango (to some groups) (TE37) - Corolla (1975~1977) Sprinter (TE47)
  • Nana Ichi / The Box (TE71) - Corolla / Sprinter (1978~1983)
  • Hachi Roku (AE86) - Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno / Corolla GT-S (USA) (1985~1987)
  • Kyuu Nee (AE92) - Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno / Corolla GT-S (USA) (1988~1991)
  • Toichi (AE101) - Corolla Levin/ Sprinter Trueno (1992~1995)
  • Tsura Ichi (AE111) - Corolla Levin/ Sprinter Trueno (1996~Present)
  • Keh-Pee - (KP61) - Last rear-drive Starlet
  • Ee Dabu - (AW11) - MR2 (1985~1990)
  • Esu Dabu - (SW20) - MR2 (1991~Present)
  • Daruma - (TA/RA 22) First generation Celica (1971~1977)
  • Gokiburi / Cockroach - (TA/RA/MA 30/40) ugly Celica, Supra, XX (1978~1981)
  • Kaku kaku / The Wedge - (TA/RA/MA 60) Celica, Supra, XX (1982~1987)

Toyota Freak Acronyms and Jargons
  • AFM - an air flow metering device used to measure volume of induction...the "magic box" perpetually fiddled by some Club 4AG visitors in relentless search for MO POWER but with not much progress nor positive results.
  • Blue Hat/ Blue Top - the first generation 4A-GE engine made primarily for the AE86 and AW11, distinguished by blue "1600" written on the valve cover. Let's not use this as it can be misleading due to many swapped out covers...(see "red hat")
  • Black Top - the refined 1996 version of the 20V 4A-GE with higher rev limit and lighter components, has black valve covers and runs on MAP sensor
  • Boro Hachi - 1. a AE86 in really bad shape 2. a AE86 used solely for thrashing in the canyons passes to develop driving skills. 3. AE86 after a SCCA Pro Rally event. 4. AE86 after any rally event. 5. Sam Hsu's duo of AE86's. 6. Any AE86 after driven by Sam Hsu (Racer X).
  • ECT, ECTs - An automatic transmission shift-point selection device used on some cars. If anyone found higher mileage by using Economy mode...please e-mail me as I couldn't tell! It just shifted earlier during partial throttle but not when Floored! Maybe that's why I couldn't tell... Oh, well...
  • ESC - Electronic Stability Control - another Lexus feature (more useful) which uses the TCS and ABS in conjunction to stabilize a new Lexus which is on the verge of losing control. It effectively stabilizes the car during bad drifting attempts too. A must for your $60,000 investment but Mercedes version, the VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) works better. It makes Club 4AG visitors dangerous drivers due to their need to experiment with new systems. Sam Hsu (Racer X), a regular visitor, being one victim.
  • GOA - Current body strengthening technique used by Toyota to achieve higher structural rigidity. It's the reason Sam Hsu lives tell the tale.
  • Rear End - 1. A differential housing for rear drive cars 2. a rear differential gear set or ratio. 3. a bad rear collision induced by a Club 4AG visitor upon another's car or wife.
  • Red Hat / Red Top - the second generation of 4A-GE engine for the AE92, is distinguished by its red lettering on the valve cover. Two versions exist and later models have 4-port Non TVIS head and higher compression pistons.
  • Silver Top - the third complete iteration of the 4A-GE featured the first 20 Valve head with 4 individual throttle body and VVT, a variable cam timing mechanism.
  • Super Strut - A multi-link strut used on some AE101 and all AE111 and Celica ST205. The system improved cornering stability and turn-in response but made them real headache for alignment shops.
  • TCS - Toyota Traction Control System - a traction control device utilizing intake choking device to quickly reduce power to minimize wheel spin and make a car really dull to drive. But necessary for any Lexus owners who like gadgets they can switch on and off. Similar in purpose to heated mirrors, heated seats, auto dim mirrors, Lexus cellular phone, Nakamichi 12 disc sound, Opti-tron Display and a thousand other stuff exclusive to the Lexus LS 400 lineup.
  • TEMS (PEGASUS) - Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension - a Toyota suspension shock damper which can be controlled from the cockpit. Soft/ Normal/ Hard can be selected for driving conditions. Some systems were controlled automatically by the on-board computers. It was a headache for most users who bought the car used as replacement shocks were expensive and the systems were really a predecessor to the Lexus gadget overloading. It never was all that "Sport" anyway...
  • TTE, Toyota Team Europe - an organization heavily funded by Toyota in Europe who organizes and runs a myriad of competitions including Le Mans 24hrs and FIA World Rally Championships. TTE was given a mission to win the WRC with the bloated ST165~205 Celica's. Increased competition and after spending tons of dollars, Toyota finally listens to them and gives them a Corolla, which they should have used in the first place. They are looking good for the 1999 season for both Le Mans and WRC.
  • TVIS - "Tee Vees", Toyota Variable Induction System...a 4A-GE intake system where secondary intake ports to each cylinder are opened and closed for improved engine characteristics.
  • VTEC - A Honda system which Toyota will finally catch up to in the 2000 Celica GTS, where cam timing, duration, and lift are altered for maximum power and drivability. Similar to Mitsubishi's MIVEC, Mitsubishi Intelligent Valve-train Electronic Control.
  • VVT, VVTi - Variable Valve Timing - Toyota system employing hydraulic actuators to change cam timing at specific engine speed for improved response. Systems followed by an "i" (VVTi) are controlled more diligently by feedbacks from other peripheral sensors and ECU intelligence. (Dual VVTi) was introduced in the Altezza in Japan, and controls both intake and exhaust cams. The (VVTLi) is the latest system using the variable lift and timing much like the Honda's VTEC mechanism.