Plastic Models

from Naohiko Onoe

Plastic models remind me of my youth, days of wishing to drive someday and spending hours making my dream cars come to life... Well, now that I have my license to drive and have a few cars I can be proud of...why not make miniatures! These 1/24th scale plastic models are available to make your own. Ones in the Initial D packages are made by Fujimi and I feel are truest in enthusiasm with custom wheels and body kits. The mini-radio controlled stuff's cool for fun during pit stops to entertain the officials or your kids...

Models are available from your local model stores that carry Japanese line of plastic models or you can e-mail Mr.Onoe in Japan for a favor if you have difficulties.

Naohiko Onoe,

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1/24th Initial D Series, by Fujimi

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Fujimi 1/24th Sports Car Series

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Radican, Radio Controlles Cars in cans...