The Spin Turn Knob

A simple, effective drifting device

The normal side-brake system is primarily designed to secure a car during parking, as you may already know. However, because of it's operation on the rear brakes only, many rally drivers use it to induce a spin by utilizing the same brake system. By pulling on the side brakes, one can lock only the rear tires to create rear-biased braking assist to get around small, tight corners. If you watch WRC rallying, this is apparent in switch back hill climbing and 180 degree hairpins. There is one problem in normal cars with using this method. The brakes will ratchet and lock into place when up. You can keep your thumb on the little nipple to prevent this but its a dangerous proposition as it's an extra effort required during intense driving.








pulling is done by the spring So, many people decided that they take the spring out so the brakes will not ratchet and lock.








The hand brakes now become free to go up and down without squeezing the tip. In this setup, the brakes now become difficult to set in place for the original function of the parking brake. The little nipple is hard to pull out to use the ratchet mechanism.









In the "off" position, the ratchet stays released., the ratchet is engaged manually by pulling on the knob. By utilizing the "spin -turn knob" , essentially an alloy version of the little knob attached to the rear seatback release, one can easily pull on the ratchet shaft to lock the brakes in position. You now have the best of both worlds. It's a simple conversion but effective. You must, however, be aware that the parking brakes are much easier to accidentally release due to the absence of the spring so you should always be sure that you engage the gears while parked for extra security...








From the left, Spin Turn Knob, Rear Seat Recline Release Knob, OEM Hand Brake Knob.


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