ECU Pin Out Identification

AE92 4A-GE 16V Non-TVIS (1990-91)

Japan spec

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ECU Connections AE92 1990-91 Japan Spec

Socket Q (Gray 12 pin)

Pin # Color Label (ECU) Connection
1 B-R B1 EFI Main
2 R-W Batt BATT
3 Blu-G CCO Exhaust Temp Sensor
4 G-R FC Curcuit Opening relay(fuel)
5 G-W ELS1 Stop Lamp Switch
6 R-Y ACT A/C Amplifier
7 B-R B EFI Main
8 R-Y W Check Engine Lamp
9 R EGW Exhaust Temp Warn. Lamp
10 B-W A/C Air Conditioner clutch
11 V-W SPD Speed Sensor (instrument panel)
12 B ELS2 Idle Up Diode

Socket R (16pin Gray)

Pin # Color Label (ECU) Connection
1   not used  
2 BG-R PIM Vaccuum Sensor
3 W THA Intake Temp Sensor
4 W THW Vaccuum Sensor
5   not used  
6 B OX O2 sensor
7   not used  
8 R-W VF Diagnosis Connctor
9 BR E2 Throttle Position Sensor
10 R VTA Throttle Position Sensor
11 Y VCC Vaccuum Sensor
12 Blu IDL Throttle Position Sensor
13   not used  
14 B KNK Knock Sensor
15 Blu-W T Diagnosis Connctor
16 BR E21 Vaccuum Sensor

Socket S (26 pin Gray)

Pin # Color Label (ECU) Connection
1   not used  
2 B-W STA Starter
3 B-Y IGF Ignitor
4 R NE Distributor
5 G G2 Distributor
6   not used  
7   not used  
8 R ECT TEMS Suspension Contoller
9 B VISC VSV Idle Up
10   not used  
11   not used  
12 G-R #10 Injector 1,3
13 BR E01  
14   not used  
15 B-W NSW Neutral Start Switch
16   not used  
17 W G- Distributor
18 B G1 Distributor
19 Y-R L3 TEMS Suspension Contoller
20 Y-G L2 TEMS Suspension Contoller
21 Y-Blu L1 TEMS Suspension Contoller
22 B IGT  
23   not used  
24 BR E1 Ground
25 G-Y #20 Injector 2,4
26 BR E02 Ground

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