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Using DLI Coils from the 4A-GZE, with 7M-GTE Igniter

There have been much anxiety of not being able to find the proper igniter of the 4A-GZE in swapping of the 4A-GZE to another car.  Well here are some wire diagrams and hints to help you along the way.  One may also use the 7M-GTE Igniter in the 4A-GZE DLI (Distributor-Less Ignition) application and that pin translations are provided below.

This is NOT correct for running the 7M-GTE engine.  It is for using the 7M-GTE Igniter to run Japanese Specification Corolla AE92 and AE101, 4A-GZE with DLI ignition. 

This setup will not convert non-DLI ignition systems to DLI.

There are following wires for the 4A-GZE Igniter

IGt -
IGd (AE101 IGa)

On the 7M-GTE Igniter, use the following wires and connect as indicated below, to the 4A-GZE AE92 and AE101 OEM ECU.

IGf (LG-B)   = IGf (To EFI)
IGt (LG)      = IGt (To EFI)
IGda (L-B)  = IGd (AE101 IGa )  (To EFI)
IGdb (L-W)  = not used
IG1 (L-R)    = G1 (Coil 1 Trigger)
IG2 (L-Y)    = G2 (Coil 2 Trigger)
IG3 (Y)       = not used
+B (B-O)    = +B (Coil Common)
IG- (B)       = TAC (Tachometer & Diagnosis Connector)