Toyota 86 Drivetrain, Close Ratio Gears, and Final Drive

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Toyota 86 Racing is one of the closest matched racing, and that every tiny advantage becomes critical to winning. Why not prepare for the next season of racing with close ratio gear box. Close ratio set allows the engine to stay in optimal ranges on more parts of the raceway, and inch ahead of the competition at every exit, every straight. Cusco Final Gear sets coupled with the close-box will match more gears to more raceways.
For serious racers.

Cusco 1-2 gear set and Final Drive Gear set and Limited Slip Differential
1st - 2.946 vs 3.626 (stock)
2nd - 2.011 vs 2.188 (stock)
Final Drive gear available in 4.556

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965-008-al 965-008-al 965-028-a lsd-986

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