Vossen VVS-CV4 Wheels on Lexus LS430...

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Vossen VVS-CV4 Wheels on Lexus LS430...
Cars should always have a very narrowly defined purpose to which it was made for.
Sports cars should be agile, light, beautiful, and communicative, and that's what the AE86, and the FRS is appropriately.
Luxury sedans too, shall be made with a single focus, that is to be silent, large, comfortable as a first class cabin, and stately.

Vossen wheels were chosen to update our Lexus LS430 project car, and it brings the car into 2013 after 10 years of service since it rolled off the showroom floor.

  • Fitment: 2004 Lexus LS430
  • Vossen VVS-CV4
  • Front: 20x9.0J, +32, 5x114.3
  • Rear: 20x10.5J, +45, 5x114.3
  • Falken Tire FK453, 245/35-20 and 275/30-20



2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-9 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-10 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-11 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-8 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-7 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-6 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-5 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-4 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-3 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100-2 2013_10_19_Vossen_LS430-100