AE82 Coilovers

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AE82 Coilovers

Postby BlueAngel » Mon May 02, 2022 8:03 pm

This goes for the experts, I am hunting a set of coil over for my AE82 but I am hesitant to pay the massive amount of dollar they cost over seas.
I have found tons of options for AE90 and AE92 for a fraction of the cost.
Can some one guide me, or confirm if the coilovers for those will fit a AE82?
I need to fix the suspension because the techs keeps telling me they cannot perform a proper alignment due to lack of ability to adjust the camber (front right) apparently they need a different size bolt but find tell me what size, would it be upsizes or downsizes?
I also purchased a set of coils the same car because they were listed to fit and 87’FX. Well, it turnes out they were for a AE86, and they don’t fit properly into the AE82 mounting plates…. So, any help will be greatly appreciated.
I am open for suggestions.
Thank you all in advance

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Re: AE82 Coilovers

Postby sirdeuce » Sun May 15, 2022 12:58 am

I ran BC coilovers in mine, but check out "Techno Toy Tuning" I liked my BC struts, they did a good job, Caster had 2 settings and they had camber plates.
You could look at "Fitment Industries" to see if "Silvers" are available for the AE82.

Then there is the whole "adapt it" way of doing things. Maybe "ground Control" sleeves and springs, still got those in my MR2.

For sway bars I like the "Whiteline" for the FX16. They have good bushings too.
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Re: AE82 Coilovers

Postby Davegt27 » Sat May 28, 2022 6:26 pm

if your just trying to get the alignment in spec

for low coat you could just get some Camber bolts

I put some on my AW11 way back in the day

but when I revisited them after awhile I found the camber bolts bent
so if you do get some make sure they are a name brand (high quality)
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