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Symptoms of a bad vvt cam gear on blacktop 20v?

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 7:05 pm
by chi-town
I'm currently trying to diagnose a BT 20v that has a misfire/stumble under 4k rpm and am thinking that it is the vvt gear having issues as I hear a slight "clicking" when it's warmed up.
Also the timing has to be way advanced to be happy on start up.

Things I've checked and tested good:
Compression / Leakdown
Spark plugs (new / gapped correctly)
ECU (3 different ones all the same result, no leaking caps)
New cap/rotor/wires
New fuel pump/filter
New MAP sensor
New vvt solenoid
No check engine light
Timing marks are spot on

99 BZ-R 20v
TRD head gasket
All new timing belt/tensioner
SQ distributor relocation kit

Any ideas?