16an or 20an?

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16an or 20an?

Postby SiLeNcEbOnE » Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:36 am

So as I am finishing up my current build. (4age-t 16v big port)
It comes down to the radiator.
Would 16an be enough or should I use 20an?
16an are actually 1" or 25.4mm and 20an is 1-1/4 or 31.75mm.
The necks on the engine are 30-32mm.
I had purchased a radiator that already had 16an fitted on it along with 16an coolant lines.
But I am still debating if I should use it or not. If the engine had 32mm necks on it why use 25mm hoses.
This car is meant for drag racing only. Using x98 fuel. Wanting to use a 180 degrees stat to keep temperature stable.
Should I use 20an instead of the 16an? Should I keep the 16an and keep the stat as well or just use 16an without the stat?

Any input is highly appreciated.

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