Anyone retrofitted oil squirters?

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Anyone retrofitted oil squirters?

Postby mr2mk1hero » Fri Sep 18, 2020 11:33 pm

Hi guys,

Anyone ever retrofitted piston oil squirters to a 4A block?
I'm doing a turbo build and I'll be using 4AGZE low comp pistons and aftermarket forged rods. Like all aftermarket forged rods mine don't
have the hole that spits oil onto the cylinder, like stock rods do. So I'm concerned about piston and pin cooling in this scenario.

My options are either to retrofit squirters or just install things as they are and rely on good tuning. I know plenty of builds without oil squirters and with aftermarket rods that are doing fine, but I do like extra safety.

So before I dismiss the retrofitting option (as it isn't all that simple and a bit risky) I would like to hear if anyone did it, and if there is any feedback on it? I would also need to notch the low comp pistons for squirters. Anyone did that?

Thank you.
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