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ae86 Parts Available

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:25 pm
by Joe4ag
Hi, I Have some parts up for sale. many more good parts available. ask if not listed.
for pictures and more information text me at 484-681-2619

prices below:
1-oem springs 80.00 pick up or 120.00 shipped
2- Strut Casings SOLD
3-T3 Camber plates 120.00 SOLD
4-Prothane links SOLD
5-OEM Lower control arms with prothane bushings Sold
6-Bembro front cross and drilled rotors Sold
7-Bembro Rear cross and drilled rotors Sold
8.Baby Supra 13" wheels Staggered set with tires, no caps 250.00 pick up only
9.JDM Mahler Racing wheels, 3 piece super rare, 15x7 +2 SOLD
10. Front Wheels Hub set with studs and bearings 160.00 shipped
11.Toyota,AE86,Corolla GTS, Front Mudguards set very good condition SOLD
12.BBS RS, Toyota, center Caps badges genuine 90.00 shipped
13.Toyota Corolla GTS,ae86, OEM leather Steering Wheel 180.00 shipped
14.Toyota,Corolla GTS,ae86 3 Doors hatchback ,oem Rear Spoiler 300.00 SOLD
15.Toyota Corolla GTS,AE86 coupe 2 drs Rear Taillights Set With Center Garnish 280.00 shipped
16.Toyota Corolla GTS, ae86,OEM pizza cuters Center Caps 300.00 shipped
17.AE86,corolla gts Inner pockets Trunk panels new Reproduction 220.00 shipped
18.Toyota ae86 RS Factory Racing ecu,jdm,map ecu plug and play with map harness. 280.00 shipped
19.Toyota Corolla SR5,GTS, ae86, OEM Steering Wheel 85.00 shipped
20.Toyota Corolla, SR5,GTS, ae86, after market Grant GT,Steering Wheel 125.00 shipped
21.Toyota Corolla GTS,AE86 3 doors hatch back Rear LED Taillights Set, new 250.00 shipped
22.BBS RS Half Height Spinfab Center hex caps, after market 170.00 shipped
23.Toyota Corolla GTS, ae86,Toyota van, Cresida,OEM Center Caps,(Old New Stock) Sold
24.Toyota ae86.ae92,SP 4age 16v Ultra Racing JDM Spark Plug Wires 110.00 shipped
25.Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno,Levin, Corolla GTS HVAC Delete Duct Pipe RHD 80.00 shipped