Sakura Fab: 1UZFE Heat Screen Intake Manifold Gasket set

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Sakura Fab: 1UZFE Heat Screen Intake Manifold Gasket set

Postby dr.occa » Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:05 am

4C/7.2F-10C/18F degree change in air temperature (increase or decrease) will cause a 1-3% horsepower change.
These gaskets will lower the temperature of the intake manifold by at least 11C/20F and benefit both naturally aspirated & forced induction environments.


Test Vehicle information
*The following conditions were consistent in both before and after states in collecting the proceeding data.
Engine: 1.6 (naturally aspirated w/ 278 in/ex cams) small port
State: 1100RPM idle
Coolant temp: 76C/168F
Vaccum: 10 in.hg
Ambient temp: 11C/52F

w/ Stock Intake Manifold Gasket (temperature reader held at ~24")

w/ Heat Screen Gasket (temperature reader held at ~24")
**Temperature readings were taken from approximately the same location on the no. 1 cylinder intake runner.

$40USD + $7USD shipping to lower 48 states / $10USD to CAN

Heat Screen Washers are available for an additional $5USD for a set of 9. Shipping separately is $3USD.

All orders are shipped with tracking.

Don't forget to specify if it's for either a large port or small port when ordering the Heat Shield gasket.

For international sales, please send an email with your shipping information.


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