FS: MX63 (1983 Cressida) $999

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FS: MX63 (1983 Cressida) $999

Postby SOCALMX63 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:50 pm

For Sale

1983 Toyota Cressida
Trans: Auto
Mileage:150,999 (Odometer stopped working) Estimated 15K miles driven since.
Location: Fullerton, CA
Asking Price: $999

This car was owned by my girls grandfather who only lightly drove it to and from the market or very local family. He owned the car since 1989 and she owned the car since 2008.

The car is being sold as-is. It starts, you can drive it around the block but it starts to get hot after a bit (radiator service anyone? :lol: ) and there's some type of drainage on power so it sometimes goes out and needs to be restarted. :roll: Electrical gremlins as they say. :twisted: I'm sure one of you will just gut this bad boy and drop a 1JZ at minimum in here anyways. Tires are a few years old but it hasn't been driven much since they've been put on.

-New Battery (about a week ago as of 6/2/14)
-New Rotor
-New Distributor cap
-Fresh gas
-timing checked out good with local shop
-injectors have been tested by local shop and are okay

email: rjr45@me.com for images or if interested.


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Re: FS: MX63 (1983 Cressida) $999

Postby fatspec » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:13 am

Do you have any pictures of the car you can post up?

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