FS/FT: 1989 Mazda RX7 GTUs White, Streetable Race Car

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FS/FT: 1989 Mazda RX7 GTUs White, Streetable Race Car

Postby roadsterruzz » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:44 pm

This is my Fourth Rx-7 between 2 GTUs’s and 2 FD’s. I’ve owned her for twelve years, and I am the third owner. The first owner was a very strict Japanese business man, who would only have it serviced by Japanese shops. When he accepted a job in Japan, he would only sell it to another Japanese man. When the job fell through, he tried to repurchase it back from the second owner, but the second owner refused. I was lucky enough to know the second owner through a friend, and although he was apprehensive selling it, and still regrets it to this day (now drives an rx8), I bought it from him for a heavy premium of $8,000 in 2003ish. His name is Daisuke from socal if anyone remembers him-very authentic collector.

This car has never been crashed, or raced wheel to wheel. Is got a perfect frame and excellent body, and I only have put about 14,000 miles on it in the last twelve +years, about 10k as a daily when i first got it. I’ve collected parts for a decade for this car, it’s a specialty car that deserves a good home. This is for a connoisseur who loves retro/vintage/classic raw rotary Mazdas, and who like the idea of a built from the ground up car without wanting to dump the time, huge money, and effort into building it themselves. Buying this car could literally save you years toward your goal and lots of money.

Also, registration, insurance, and parts are cheaper for the FC than other cars, which helps with maintenance and upkeep. This is one of the last and best naturally aspirated rotaries to come out from the golden days of racing. Its meant to drive to the track with current tags, have a great day, and drive home. Its also meant to sit in a garage and be admired like the queen it is.

It’s an authentic 1989 GTUs, one of 1200 built between 89-90, in white. The GTUs was a very special car that came with NO SUNROOF, speed (vs standard rev) sensing steering, a closer steering ratio lock to lock, shorter competition 5th gear, 4.3 final drive, manual everything/no rear wiper, alum hood, special interior, etc. etc. The GTUs community is a sub division of the Rx-7 community, consisting of wing-nuts and die-hard collectors.

Because it’s a GTUs and not a Turbo II, I wanted to focus on the chassis, and my specialty, the suspension. A lot of Turbo FC’s drop in a high power motor and rely on that for speed, while ignoring the suspension and chassis overall. Because this stylistic focus, this car harps to an earlier era of purist racing, and is comparable to an E-Production car like AWR or Mazdatrix- except this still has a plate and is way more streetable. I think it would run Unlimited in Autocross, as well.


BRAND NEW 13B-RE COSMO rebuilt race motor, currently with N/A high compression internals, driven home from Lucky 7’s and unused!! GTORX-7 build replica, pumped out 216w on turbo rotors, now has NA rotors and GTORX7 LIM to match. built by fris @ lucky 7 racing. this engine is about as fast as a twin turbo stock fd with exhaust. its really the best a 2 rotor mild streetport can do without boost. it screams to redline really well and will never bog down like a 6 port. never loses torque or power past 7500-8k, just keeps climbing.

haltech sprint re computer tuned by daniel kuo with garagelife

Chopped lower intake 1 ¾ inch from GTORx-7 to follow his build making 236whp with the N/A cosmo streetport. improves high end torque and makes sure the HP keeps climbing to redline. (this mod was $750+shipping alone)

tii ported exhaust ports. new alum housings.

Custom LIM and Throttle body heat shield with gold adhesive, since the LIM is closer to the block

independent AEM coil packs

silicon radiator hoses from racing beat

knn cone intake filter with MAF deletion

comes with resonated midpipe AND bonez catalytic converter, currently resonated midpipe on car

stock exhaust manifold with rb downpipe. this gives the same power as the RB header but much less noise. sounds extremely smooth and great. helps tone down the exhaust for cali streets.


Aftermarket Fuel rails

New RC injector 750 primaries

New Injector Dynamics 850 secondaries

Custom SS fuel lines

Fuel pressure Regulator

Supra Fuel Pump

Custom air intake elbow

mild street port, sounds smooth but makes a shitload of power. about as fast as stock twin fd with exhaust.

fluidyne radiator, new rad cap

OMP delete

Fd oil pressure pellet

Solid corner seals

Mazda comp rotor bearings

Oil pan baffle

Fd oil pump

TII exhaust sleeves- ported

Delete coolant through throttle for coldstart

Red and silver painted engine/manifolds

AC/SMOG delete

Air Pump Delete

SS oil cooler lines

Dual Oil Coolers

New spark plug wires

Electric fan

S4 coolant overflow tank

CF radiator cowl panel

KNN Cone filter

Air Fuel Meter Delete

FD Alternator, under driven pulley custom lathed

pulley underdrive kit with alum pulleys on main pulley, coolant, alt, and PS

Thermostat/housing replaced

Water pump replaced

Coldstart pellet removed

New fuel filter


this car can turn 90 degrees at 45-55mph on a pivot. pushing on the frame it does not budge more than the sidewall flex as there is ZERO rubber between you and the tire. this car is the ultimate in FC suspension. i made sure of it.

*JRZ MOTON triple adjustable shocks w/ external reservoirs imported from the Netherlands. Valved by Eric Strass of JRZ for medium weight. These shocks were about $8600 new. I spent my entire life's savings at 20 years old on these shocks, and paid more for them than the entire car. They have millions of possible configurations and are very reliable. Custom mounted reservoirs w/ quick disconnect feature. i could roll over a quarter, not feel it, and tell you if it was heads or tails.

full partsbymax front suspension control arms, drop knuckles, and steering rack spacers. this fixes roll center, bump steer, makes you have huge angle, changes ackerman steering angles. moves front wheels forward 15mm and extends the track out 3 inches total on the front axle. the front wheels are about an inch further out than the back wheels, having that string ray affect with both looks and handling.

KSP alluminum billet front hubs with new bearings

aftermarket hardened steel tie rods (forgot who makes them but theyre totally badass)

Both front and rear subframes are new, acid dipped, stitch welded, and powder coated Barron Red.

Rear subframe solidly mounted to frame with AWR mounts

DTSS solid bearings

polyurethane steering rack bushings

Rear control arms are acid bathed, stitch welded, and coated black (much stronger than stock)

roninspeed camber links

Solid Ground Control lateral camber link

ground control top hats

New steering rack ball joints

New steering rack boots

Rebuilt steering rack, quicker lock to lock faster ratio than FD3s

Ground control camber caster front shock top hats w/ bearings

Hypercoil springs with amazing spring rates (E Production rates that have been confirmed to be the best for the chassis by Mazdatrix and AWR and Mariah) (also hypercoil’s tolerance is much more accurate than eibach, eibach can be off by more than 100 pounds per spring, or 10%)

Rear helper springs

Rear shock towers have been chopped and replaced with boxes that tie into the cage (stock shock towers are bad in rear). the cage goes down into the subframe and has feet at every contact point. it also has plates welded between the cage and the frame. one of the best cages ive seen on a rx7.

Pillowball endlinks

ZERO front swaybar and TII rear swabar. makes you go faster but you cant be absent minded as the front wheels are unteathered.

New wheel bearings

front old school racing beat strut bar


Miata type I torsen differential, mazdacomp rebuild kit hardened and zinc coated worm gears (good for up to 350hp using PP or turbo)

4.3 finals

Low miles JDM tii trans (shortest 5th just like GTUs), this is the best feeling trans ive ever felt in my life, hands down. Youll giggle when you shift.

OG giken twin plate turbo clutch and flywheel package.

C’s short shifter (discontinued)

Full solid mounted drivetrain including engine, trans, and diff

New trans seals

New shifter bushings

New axle bolts

New clutch master cyl

New slave solenoid

CC clutch line SS braided

Replaced starter but it wants a tII starter on the new trans

Custom TII trans to NA diff driveshaft

Redline fluids

Due to the solid mounts and cage, you can hear the gears harmonics like straight cut gears and you can hear the torsen doing some work, sounds really raw. really cool sound.



Rebuilt 4 pot calipers

New rotors

SS lines with Teflon coating

New brake booster

New master cyl

Master cyl brace so no flex in system (omg such a great mod)

Hawk HP+ pads

Brake pedal adjusted to be super touchy, stops on a dime, can lock on command

Mazda comp aluminum pedal set, factory with gtus

Power bled brakes


Seven’s Only Racing 6 point cage. These guys make their own tube frame RX's. fully integrated/boxed rear towers with built in strut bar. Has two down bars, two diagonals (including main hoop), X door braces, and excellent feet that go all the way down into the chassis and tie to the subframe. This cage took sevens only a year to finish, and costed a walloping 6800. Seven’s only is a tube frame rx7 builder up at buttonwillow racetrack, located on the track premises. This cage was built out of steel to handle the car being cosmo turbo one day, able to take 8+ rolls. A and B pillars have plates welded in to connect the chassis to the cage. Custom shock reservoir mounts.

Sparco evo seats with custom mounting brackets and custom rails, stock floor pan humps chopped to allow lower seating. Rails adjust with pull pin release. Sparco 5 point quick release harnesses

Odyssey PC680 15 pound battery custom mounted behind passanger seat with cutoff switch on driver side dash.

Momo steering wheel, leather, tiny.

IMPUL horn button

IMPUL shift knob

forum member made triple gauge cluster replacing idiot cluster

Custom racing mirror mounted to cage

Fully gutted interior, gutted dash, no sound deadening whatsoever

lexan windows with slide windows for air flow and communications

Gutted doors with t3 door cards

New windsheild

Heater core removed under dash

foam filled chassis for added rigidity.


mariah mode 5 front bumper. this front bumper adds another layer of intake for the radiator and engine. it also adds a cowl to the front to help get air to the radiator correctly. it deletes the FTPS and is one of the few, if not only, front bumper that was wind tunnel tested. and its a really cool looking american front bumper. high high high quality and gives a jet plane look straight out of the 80's.

re amemiya tii hood vent

roninspeed 85mm front fenders.

Panspeed rear fenders

JRX wangan wing

10ae taillights

Eastbear mirrors

jdm sidemarkers

Replaced door handle gaskets

Repainted body- front clip needs a spray

Hella h4 bulbs/housings, best halogen fc lights ive seen. ive had the option to go with sakebomb hids and these do better and are less problematic. had hids on my fd and it was a deal breaker in the end..

Windshield wipers/motor delete

Wiper reservoir deleted

11-99 foundation plates, good incase cops take interest

hatch is on the car but needs new latches to keep it battened down. i tried putting a lexan hatch on and have since went back to stock and need a few more bits to make it work fine.


IMPUL c1 silhouette wheels. 17x9 +23 from the calsonic JGTC nissian skyline. They're worth 2k used and a appreciable collector wheel. Time period correct turbo style with cnc contoured concave face. Over 20 spokes, center cap and nut to cover lugs and prevent theft, 2 inch lips with no rash. Imported from Australia. Only a few sets in the world and fewer of this kickss modern size and offset. 2 pc wheels plus center dish and nut.


ADVAN R3AD's 17x9.5 3 spoke wheels in white with blue lip. 19 pounds.

255 ra1 tires

everything on this car has less than 4k miles on it. the engine has literally zero miles. i brought it home and didnt drive it. i can easily rattle off 40+ grand of parts off the top of my head, let alone labor. car was built, not driven, and now is beyond California street law. im getting older with back pain and want something thats got an interior. would consider s13 coupe, ae86, or GC8 as partial trade.

here is a video of it getting tuned at lucky 7's by daniel kuo. car made 202wheel with the stock exhaust manifold and 28 pound wheels. right now with the 19 pound wheels id say its about 215, but can easily hit 225 with headers. way faster than lets say a s2000:


its kicking back attachments so heres a link: https://www.rx7club.com/2nd-generation- ... n-1105031/

$16,000 firm
im interested in clean 86's with minty interior and no cage as partial trade.

(949) 899-7015

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Re: FS/FT: 1989 Mazda RX7 GTUs White, Streetable Race Car

Postby AE86Kai » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:54 am

I owned both GTU and FD3S in SoCal as well that I must say your GTU is one of the best build GTU.
Since everyone is probably lazy (?) to visit your link, I am going to post a picture what it looks like...

Just apply fresh coat of white paint and she is ready. Good luck with your sale. :P


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