Kitsunami's 86 SR5 to GTS swap

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Re: Kitsunami's 86 SR5 to GTS swap

Postby CloudStrife » Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:24 am

Congrats man. Before I blew the motor I just sat in the car while I was finishing suspension and had a drink just hearing it run for motivation lol.

The timing was a pain in the ass for me. I ended up finding out one of the adjustment bolts (right side) was stripped. Setting the timing can be a finicky process. Do you have a good timing light? If you look up my recent posts dave and a couple others helped me through it and It's pretty dummy proof :).

As a technician I'm kinda amazed you had such a huge arc. I mean you just ate a huge hole in the JB. Red and green sounds familiar... isn't that steady 12v?

You're so close dude. It's the worst to screw things up when doing work, especially when it's something foolish. But don't worry, I've drove a car on mountain passes without the oil cap on...

On your belt issues... Just FYI, I've had about 20 different 90's JDM econoboxes from all makes, and one huge problem I've had with pre-airbag production cars is the Japanese production cars have alt belts that ALWAYS have to be completely maxed out to high hell, even to get a perfectly OEM belt on to BARELY fit. A lot of these tensioners were designed that way (maybe Dave can comment), from my experience. I've had an entirely new OEM pulley assembly, bolts, and belt, and I still had to max it out just to barely get her on (example is my old big crank NA miata).

I think what a lot of guys do, is get the NAPA or auto store belt size catalog and just go up a 1/4" or 1/8" in size until they get it just right. You can do it OEM though... Also, that article on here about the guy that made his own pulley with a lathe for his manual rack converted AE is a great reference.

By the way, I think I have an extra clutch or slave cylinder new in box, would totally hook you up if you need one.

Send me a PM if you ever want me to check my wiring, I have an 86' GT-S factory, and I think that's the reference you need isn't it?

Hang in there brada
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