Any shops do refresh electrical looms and plugs?

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Any shops do refresh electrical looms and plugs?

Postby vashachiroku » Tue Sep 27, 2022 3:18 am


I have an RHD converted AE86 and I was thinking it's time to get the electrical refreshed. There are 3 JDM looms that I need refreshed, which are remarkably similar to the US looms.

1.) Engine bay loom that controls the lights and other accessories
2.) Under dash loom controls all the accessories, etc.
3.) Front to Rear loom for taillights, etc.

I don't need the Engine loom because I got new wiring with my BT20v swap and a standalone ECU already.

Looking for a shop that I could send the wiring to get it refreshed and new plugs. I don't want to remove any plugs as I might be putting AC back in the car in the future.

Can anyone recommend any shops I can reach out to?

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Re: Any shops do refresh electrical looms and plugs?

Postby Corey20v » Mon Oct 03, 2022 11:52 am

Just listing places to ping, they may not do this work as they mostly do engine harnesses.
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Also worth asking
Battlegarage rs.

For diy, i found some odds and ends connectors last month through that werent labeled for ae86 but after examining images, i took a gamble and they worked

If you find a place happy to help, let us know
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