ITA AE86 originally built by TRD USA

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ITA AE86 originally built by TRD USA

Postby oldeskewltoy » Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:57 pm

It's time to move on.... (asking $22,500 USD)

Instead of me re-creating this, I thought I'd just copy/paste the ad that I read when I bought it...... albeit with 2 new pieces of info 1) the car with some fuel(about 5 gals) weighs 2021 pounds. 2) the cross weight on this car with a 240# driver is 50/50.

(ad text after pretty pics)






At TRD in Gardena... back in the day....


For full size images and more photos -

The ad I read before I purchased this........

seller OST bought it from wrote:1985 Toyota Corolla Additional Info:
TRD show car, TRD catalog car, GRM feature article,TRD and SCCA executive personal ride, and my long time race car. This car was first in class at the inaugural SCCA “IT Fest” at Heartland park in Kansas. The car is in the early 90’s TRD catalog on pages 7, 37 & 40 and was featured in Grassroots Motorsports in the early 90’s. I have the original ad and bill of sale from when I bought the car — then maintained by RallyeSport outside Denver, and owned by Nick Craw who is currently the FIA (F1/WRC) Senate President. I also have the original log book with races from West coast to the Mid-West and driven by SCCA leadership including Doug Reid and Bob Anderson. I’ve had it more than 20 years, and its fresh and ready to race at minimum weight (original IT/A class weight was set with this car). Car is now in classed SCCA ITB at a weight where it should do very well. Recently refreshed with cage updates (only a track day on it since), fresh paint throughout and a new Sparco Evo2 seat. Some items are not listed below - probably forgot some, but the full configuration and setup will be provided to the new owner.My new home doesn’t have room for all the toys, so I’m reluctantly going to part with the the Corolla. Buy it to race it, drift it, because you always wanted one, or for its history, but it won’t disappoint -I've been building and racing Toyotas for 25+ years and you could never recreate this anywhere near the price - A classic you can enjoy today.


Chassis is straight and damage free. I originally bought the car with crash damage. I fully repaired it, and successfully campaigned it, winning my first race entry and many thereafter. I subsequently had another “incident” and replaced the main tub in 1993 with a straight chassis and swapped over all the race parts and much of the sheet metal, instantly dropping my average lap times 2 seconds and keeping me in the lead pack for more than 15 years at Mid-west SCCA events.
Fully disassembled and re-furbed chassis some years back including roll cage updates and a repaint with Catalyzed PPG Urethane
Almost all new Toyota fasteners throughout (done in the latest refresh)
Custom strut bar with welded mounts (removable aluminum bar)
Custom battery hold down
Fuel Safe Fuel cell with chassis sheet metal trimmed and reinforced where the cell mounts
Supra fuel pump in spare tire well.
New Sparco EVO2 seat with custom mounts
Gutted doors. Includes factory door glass that mounts with one bolt for transport/security (can easily take out at the track)
SCCA legal cage with double cage bars on both sides with foot well braces
TRD steering wheel
TRD shift knob
Fire system
New Sparco Evo 2 seat with hard mounts
Manual Steering Rack
Custom Delrin Steering rack bushings
Custom graphics and License plate :)


Larger front sway bar. TRD and Poly front mounts
Adjustable rear bar with custom Delrin mounts and rod ends
TRD rear springs
TRD adjustable rear race shocks
TRD control arm bushings
TRD Panhard rod with (giant!) rod ends
Long wheel studs “Safety studs”
Short front struts
Tockico Illumina adjustable front shocks (BZ3099, same as MR2 rear fitment)
Front Coilovers,
Eibach front springs
Custom camber plates
Fresh control arms and ball joints
Negative roll blocks
TRD strut rod bushings
Two sets of wheels, Revolution and Panasport Ultralights - Panasports have only had two sets of tires on them since new with mounted Hoosiers


New brake master with new spare
Removed backing plates
Stainless brake lines
Tilton Proportioning valve
Spare rotors
Replaced hardlines


Engine has been flawless throughout my ownership, with the latest build as follows:

7 rib block
.040 over
Total Seal rings
Match ported
NEVO hard anodized under drive crank pulley
Cams timed
TRD plug wires
Jacobs Coil
TVIS and non-TVIS intake “spacers”
SCCA fuel sample port
New O2 sensor
Custom Phenolic intake spacer
Custom insulated “cold air intake”
R/C Engineering blueprinted injectors
TRD header, and handmade 4-1 coated header
Stainless steel exhaust and muffler with passenger side exit
ECU with 8000+ RPM limit
Custom 4 puck solid disc ceramic clutch
New Toyota factory radiator water/water wetter for coolant
Factory air to air oil cooler with stainless lines
TRD motor mounts
Modified MAF (reduced spring tension)
Only synthetics lubricants used throughout


TRD Close Ratio Transmission (over $6,000 new)
TRD Short Shifter
Two fully set up TRD 3rd members - 4.56 and 5.13
TRD HD Axles with spare set


Brake discs
Brake Master cyl
Wiring harness
Headers and parts
TRD 3rd member LSD (4.56 installed, TRD 5.13 LSD 3rd member included)
Front bearing seals
Modified stock front pulleys (removed A/C pulley)
Motor mounts
TRD Rear Axles
Washer bottle ;)
Various other spares


Kill switch wiring needs update
Temp (dash) gauge flaky
Needs a couple underbody rods to support the splitter (dam/splitter moves back at speed)
Fresh brake pads and fluid bleed.

Car was built to hit the class minimum weight. As part of that, the seat mounts are custom fabricated and welded in (very light, and very strong). If you are short, you might need to cut these out and put in other mounts.

Some of that History....



History of success.....won its first 6, 6 - 6


Contact me if you are interested.
OST Cyl head porting, - viewtopic.php?f=22&t=300

Building a great engine takes knowing the end... before you begin :ugeek:

Enjoy Life... its the only one you get!

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Re: ITA AE86 originally built by TRD USA

Postby s3cf » Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:04 am

so much wants..........this is a simply piece of beautiful history

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Re: ITA AE86 originally built by TRD USA

Postby jondee86 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:34 am

oldeskewltoy wrote:It's time to move on....

I know the feeling. It's a special car so let's hope it goes to a good home :)

Cheers... jondee86
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