'85 SR5 Rescue on YouTube

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'85 SR5 Rescue on YouTube

Postby rhenry01 » Thu Nov 12, 2020 12:54 pm

My friend Matt and I bought 1985 Toyotas. I have a Corolla SR5 and he has a Celica. When we acquired them our friends seemed to be very interested in our progress because they knew where this is heading. Matt and I are long time friends, racers and competitors. This has to end in a race but before that we need to bring these cars back from the brink. They both need work so we decided to film the process of returning these cars to the road and put it on YouTube for everyone to follow.

We have had the cars for a while and have finished up our other project cars my '05 Mini Cooper S and his '07 WRX. Now the Toyotas are going to get some love and attention. So if you would like to follow our progress please subscribe to the channel and drop us a like and a comment.

Here is the link! Enjoy!