4ag short oil filter adapter

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4ag short oil filter adapter

Postby frankist » Thu Apr 13, 2023 2:14 pm

As I was installing my new header from Martelius. I noticed that my late model bluetop 4ag had an extended oil filter adapter/standoff. I'd imagine this was due to the fact of this car originally being power steering to allow easier access to the oil filter. The extended oil filter adapter just didn't provide clearance for the oil filter and was hitting the Martelius XL fast road header, with the stock style oil filter. I did not want to utilize an aftermarket oil filter relocator kit,and wanted to just use the stock cooler.

Doing some research I found I could use a short style redtop oil filter adapter from a small port. Upon rummaging around my collection of used 4ag parts, I was able to source the short style filter adapter that would still allow me to use the stock oil cooler and provide the necessary clearance for the filter and header.

Question for those who know. Are these short style adapters hard to source? If so, I could look into making these adapters if there is a need for them. Let me know what you think. I'll grab a picture to show the difference once it uploads.