Janet's new AE86 unveiled at JCCS 2013

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Janet's new AE86 unveiled at JCCS 2013

If you know people at Toyota USA Headquarters, and if you knew people who hang out with older cars, you will definitely know this lady, Janet Fujimoto.
Her friendly, caring, and humble demeanor hides any suspicions that she is actually the owner of a very extensive one-dozen car collection of the nicest Japanese sports cars around in Southern California.

Today at JCCS, Japanese Classic Car Show, the most prestigious concours in the USA for Japanese cars and motorbikes, Janet unveiled a newly restored AE86.
Just look at the care and expense put into the car with her car-intimate buddy Dwyne who does most of the wrench work, while Janet scours the world for parts.

Another superb example of a AE86, restored tastefully and retaining the functions and style of the era, while making the benchmark standard upgrades that makes it more desirable.

I'll just let the pictures do the talking again here...

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