GRMN - Gazoo Racing Special Edition Cars for 2019 revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon.


Toyota has been active in releasing a highly refined sports suspension, and braking sports edition models under the GRMN Special Edition packages in limited numbers since a while back.
Here are the new GRMN releases for 2019.  They all feature special interior trim, huge brakes, suspension makeover tuned on the Nurburgring, Fuji, and Shibetsu Testing Ground.  All of them are refined to another level of driving pleasure and sensual appearance.
GRMN packages are also carefully retuned for engine management, shift patterns, VSC programming, and other areas where it is truly a factory level refinement, beyond the bolt-on aftermarket.

In addition, less serious but sporty packaged theme cars are available as standard options for each cars as well with more reasonable pricing. These care called the GR Editions.
2019 will schedule a Daihatsu Copen in GR form.

The New 2019 Toyota Supra will be designated GR as well for the first time in the USA, which marks a good sign that the Toyota USA has finally decided to uniformly market the "GR" logo along with the rest of the world's Toyota sports cars and racing program livery.

GRMN  Toyota Mark X (Limited to 350 Units, Japan only)


GR Copen (Daihatsu)

GRMN Toyota Century

GRMN Toyota 86 (2016)

Toyota Supra A90 with GR LOGO on every car. (2019)


Toyota Yaris GRMN - Inspired by the WRC Rally Car, retuned for grassroots racing. (2017)