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AE86 Stuff

TOM'S KP47 Starlet, that's Tachi-Oiwa Motorsports

The KP47 Toyota Starlet here was carefully built and assembled by Tachi-Oiwa Motorsports. That's TOM's Racing, for most of you who've seen their logos on 40 years of race cars ...

Destinations in Japan

Tokyo Auto Salon 2019

Tons of people visiting each year for what is becoming the tuner's mecca just like SEMA in Las Vegas, this one is in Tokyo. Well Makuhari district of Chiba prefecture ...

Motorsports and Events

GRMN - Gazoo Racing Special Edition Cars for 2019 revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Toyota has been active in releasing a highly refined sports suspension, and braking sports edition models under the GRMN Special Edition packages in limited numbers since a while back. Here ...

Random Stuff

10 millionth Corolla Toyota 1979

1979 Toyota Corolla marking the 10 millionth Corolla made.

Nestled away in the deep vaults of Toyota Japan headquarters is this 1979 TE70 Toyota Corolla. It just happens to be the very Corolla that rolled off the line marking ...