Hayashi Racing ST-L Wheels, Returns in 17" sizes for the Toyota 86/ Scion FR-S


Original Hayashi Stret ST-L series wheels soon available in 17" for two models, Scion FRS, Toyota Prius with dedicated fitment specs or both in classic sport functional specifications. The new series uses lighter alloys with stronger design and machine process, CNC from single billet. #hayashracing Hayashi racing.

Not your ordinary stance fashion, this is OG from the 1960's and still unchanged and untainted by trends. It's the REAL deal.

Here, accompanied by a more modern SSR Professor MS3, and Hayashi Classic looking no less in style after 40+ Years. Mr. Hayashi, who created the design, is now in his 70's age, and still not veering from the original style he created in the 1960's.


2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-2 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-3 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-4 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-5 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-6 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-7 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-8 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-9 2_2_2013_Hayashi_Street_STL-100-10