Japanese Hospitality "Omotenashi" is what the Toyota Century really is...


Toyota Century:
The Century was never created to challenge any other car, but exactly the opposite. It was created to hone who Toyota is, has been, and must be. A singular definition of what they can do on their own, to customers who have come to trust in Toyota, and who is Japan with crafting, art, serenity, and humble statement of "omotenashi," the very word that define all these concepts of Japanese hospitality as it has stood for 2500 years.

It is the reason it isn't badged as a Lexus, nor sold with any real intents to outside of Japan with a mind of competing any other car.

Hand laid gold-leaf art over hand-crafted, yosegi-puzzled, wooden panel by master crafters in Japan, inside your key fob. Only on the Toyota Century.

OK, so the CEO of Toyota shocks the guests of hotel and press, by arriving in a GRMN "Tuned" Century, a one off creation ordered by his own majesty, A. Toyoda.
I think this man has a knack for understanding the contemporary modern sense of "bling" as well as classical "pomp."
It's rather a shocking move for the rather uneventful and conservative Japanese corporate culture.
Change is imminent, and I sense a bit of Nobunaga here.

As for the details?
A full custom white interior, bespoke dark chrome trim, carbon accents, BBS wheels wrapped around a huge set of brakes, and Advan Sports tires...
Has this man spent a few days in Dubai or Miami recently?
Whatever he ate, it is doing something spectacular. 

A late model Toyota Century sits alone in the open car port in Kita District of Osaka... It's as if no one wants to share the lot with this car... or be anywhere near it.
Tell tale "Naniwa" region plate reveals this car is local to the area, and the "3" that start the top set of the numbers for the plate means "High Tax Bracket, Large Vehicle"