The rarest of the Lexus LFA perhaps, the #500 "Ken Matsuura" Nurburgring


When an LFA Nurburgring Package isn't enough in rareness, there is this LFA, custom packaged for none other than Mr.K.Matsuura, the mastermind and fine crafting behind many of the most winning Japanese racing car engines for decades, in Formula One, LeMans, and more...
This particular LFA is fitted with his own rebuilt LFA V10.
Knowing that he also built the engine that won the Nurburgring 24 as Code-X #53 LFA, we know it isn't a normal shop build either. His high-security facility is temperature controlled laboratory of multi-million buck custom machining tools to fabricate things out of finest precision and metallurgy.

It also features his own suspension too, complete with ride height assist to negotiate mundane Japanese roads. He did this because he drives this car daily, and has one of the most miles on the car of any.

And his car is serial numbered 500.

That is the very last LFA that rolled off the LFA works factory. His license plate tagged accordingly.

FYI: the man is in his 80's but has driven this LFA, 450 miles to this Owner's Club meeting, at Fuji Speedway, and has ran this in open session himself at a pace that will make most owners cringe with late braking and lateral loads...

Lexus - AMAZING.