RS*R Black-i Suspension - When looking slammed is not good enough.


RS*R Black-i Suspension - When looking slammed is not good enough

Club4AG's gang gets an early preview of RS*R's new stylish concept Black-i.

Developed for ultimate drop, but working the magic that RSR does with anything, all-in-house built shocks from valve to shell, every piece developed and hand assembled.
You get what you pay for at RSR, and this one is no exception.

We're developing this Black-i for those who prefer to ride lower than the track-compatible Sports-i, but still want to preserve that very magical comfort and high level of precision that can't be replicated with others.

In-House development in Japan and USA, hand-built to each automobile application, and designed for a specific focus of the customers.
And now in a fine-tuning stage for final product for USA, on LA's worst roads to make sure it is compatible for our rigorous conditions.

It will be available approximately in early May from RSR USA.

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