Vintage Japanese Car Pillow Ball Tension Rods


  • Toyota Pillow Ball Tension Rods
    OEM Bracket Compatible, available for:

    Nissan Skyline (GC10/110)
    Nissan Fairlady Z (S30/S130)

    Toyota Corolla Levin/Trueno/GT-S (TE27/AE86)
    Toyota Celica (TA22/RA22)


    There is a renewed intersest for "old school" vintage Japanese cars these days, and we can't be more thrilled to see such trends taking place.
    Cusco has been racing and rallying since 1977 and Toyota Corolla, Celica, Nissan GTR, Fairlady Z were all part of cars central to our team's racing and rallying history.
    We've taken some time to revisit some of these parts we made over the years and decided to update some with new designs.

    The inner rod portion of the rod used in this front tension rod set is forged, yet offered at reasonable prices with new manufacturing technologies possible today.
    Designed with the same durability in mind for rallyists as well as racing enthusiasts, the tension rods will help retain the critical front wheel alignment under loads, and offer adjustments beyond the factory fixed positions to cater the response and precision of the vintage cars.
    It is part of a critical suspension system upgrade for the classic cars, to ensure it is both competitive, and in tune with modern tacitly.

    • Forged rod construction
    • Chromoly case construction
    • Prevents toe alignment changes under load
    • Allows a finer level of alignment changes
    • Bolsters front suspension for higher braking forces applied by today's high performance tire loads.
    • Bolt-on installation
    • Dust boots and aircraft-grade pillow ball joints.
    • Turn Buckle Adjustment range (-10mm ~ +10mm, 20mm overall)
    • Estimated Installation Time 1 Hour.



Pillow Ball Tension Rods
(Vintage Cars)
MSRP $533 USD Turn Buckle Adjustment  -10mm~+10mm (20mm total)
Toyota Corolla Levin /GT-S

Toyota Sprinter Trueno

AE86 116-473-B 4996338024404 Reinforce/Racing

Japan Street Legal

TE27 108-473-B 4996338024411 Reinforce/Racing
Toyota Celica TA22(TA2#)
140-473-B 4996338024473 Reinforce/Racing
Nissan Skyline #GC10
225-473-B 4996338024442 Reinforce/Racing
Nissan Fairlady Z
(240Z, 260Z, 280Z)
S30 246-473-B 4996338024428 Reinforce/Racing
S130 247-473-B 4996338024435 Reinforce/Racing