86 Dynamic Driving Academy with FR-S/BRZ owners on the raceway.


86 Dynamic Driving Academy with FR-S/BRZ

86 Dynamic Driving Academy is a way to learn about car control.  It's not a race or competition, but a way for owners who are not so involved formally in motorsports, and getting familiar with car control, for the sake of understanding your car better, and to really become at one with a vehicle in a dynamic environment of sports driving.  We host events at autocrosses, open-track events, and other custom tailored venues in a safe, sanctioned, and inexpensive ways, along with your peers and friends, and even making new friends.  Join us, next time...  And follow us for updates and calendars soon for 2014 at https://www.facebook.com/86DDA

Here's some ride along video footage from recent Buttonwillow Raceway Park event, and other photos from past events.

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