Meet Jorge Azcoitia in Spain...


Sometimes we look to nations other than where AE86 are prevalent, and find that there are owners who still dedicate their lives to loving the AE86.
Meet Jorge Azcoitia in Spain, a Toyota AE86 fanatic.

While much of his recent years have been spent in California studying to become a professional in the automotive domain, he is  on example of a person who lives, breathes, and enjoys, everything about old Toyota sports cars.
He's back in the suburbs just outside Madrid, Spain, and he is back on his game of visiting Europe's best roads with his beloved AE86.
He's an extremely capable driving specialist of the AE86, with laps in the most prevalent raceways of  Western Europe, including the awesome Nordeschlife Nurburgring.
Although his AE86 seems to look like an avarage AE86 you'd see around town driven by an average AE86'er in retro sort of raggedness, he takes to the road in this like no other, and hangs with the best of them at speeds around corners that will pull the guts out of most spec-geeks lurking mostly on the internet.

Without due, here is how he likes his Corolla GTS acquired in the USA, now in Spain.

Name: Jorge Azcoitia

Facebook or other alias names & handles: YoShImUrA53 (Club4AG forums) and YoShImUrA53 (Instagram, Twitter, tumblr, etc)

Car: Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)

Year: 1986. According to VIN info, manufactured in May 1986.

Model: GT-S Hatchback (3-door), kouki model with rare 195/60R14 spec on the glovebox recommended tire size sticker.

Engine: 4AGE 16V

Specification of modifications/restorations:


Suspension mods

Urethane bushings all around

Tokico HTS dampers



Strut bar

Tein camber plates

T3 Coilover set

8kg Eiback Springs


Cusco sway bar (23mm)



T3 Panhard bar

6kg TRD springs

stock/TRD sway bar



Caster: 4 deg

Camber: -2.4deg

Toe: 0

Corner balanced and weighted 2496lb (1125kg) with driver and 3/4 tank (before installing lightweight battery)



Stock 4AGE 16v Bluetop

Mild HKS cams. 256 intake, 264 exhaust

T3 adjustable cam gears

TRD USA (LHD) header

Empty cat

Catback, over axle, HKS Hi Power exhaust

NGK (blue) spark wires

Lightweight 3 lb (1.5kg) battery on stock location



KAAZ 2 way, set to 100% lock by KAAZ USA



Street: Watanabe RS, Type B, black with polished rim (from factory). 13x6 +19, 185/70R13 All season tires

Track: (restored) TOM'S Igettas, painted silver, 14x6, 205/55R14, Nitto NT01



Goodline 7 piece braided lines

88 rotors drilled and slotted all around

Endless MX72 front pads

Hawk HPS rear pads (will take these out soon)



Complete, bone stock blue interior (working power steering, AC, heater, original Toyota radio, all carpet, seat panels, including original hatch privacy cover with third light cut, etc)

Momo steering wheel on NRG quick release hub

TRD white gear knob

Sabelt 4 point 2" harness for driver



Full JDM kouki bumpers with brackets

Front kouki grille

Kouki Trueno emblem

JDM Trueno rear and front blank mudflaps

Cibie Airport 35 amber foglights with white covers

Kouki "redline" taillights and center garnish

JDM "saidobaiza" Trueno window visors

Rare clear front bumper lights lenses

California "4AGE 16V" vanity plates

Car has been comprehensively used on California (Norcal and Socal) roads, canyons, racetracks to achieve the best compromise in suspension adjustment and cornering nimbleness for these uses.

All mechanical components have been updated, revised and/or repaired since acquired in October 2011. Strongest daily AE86 I have ever seen. I would do a transcontinental trip without being worried of any major issues.

Future plans: lightweight FRP trunk and hatch, ITBs and other engine mods, a set of 15x7 wheels, a full respray (same original blue), but never before the car is on uncompromised and full usable condition for the used described above.

136023_10151314577372326_2026876658_o 243758_400070856718432_1031336292_o 288170_400071390051712_1237676733_o 312443_10151427747892326_702674_n 335189_10150329225647326_2078299544_o 381553_10150351426532326_628775628_n 431090_10150653239585339_186039925_n 466626_10150884585037326_1857502847_o 467774_10151643487402326_1160771550_o 474689_400070563385128_41778749_o 486312_10151347039642326_1936761398_n 546363_330790306979821_910306170_n 561471_10151336262597326_796389670_n 615546_10151302589437326_557910732_o 883376_10151530049282326_1298626688_o 901647_10151553412522326_1581798645_o 966942_10151635943862326_886408412_o 971372_10151749049317326_909013052_n 976781_10151635943582326_1565796692_o 980143_10151928465702678_1214634590_o 980652_10151635943867326_983815018_o 996551_10151736713292326_1109956899_n 1044025_10151701729942326_1276001315_n 1097152_10151758974337326_1978802820_o 1098083_10151776930267326_1395069682_n 1185734_10151795094952326_707095283_n





Car: Toyota MR2


Year: 1989


Model: AW11. Targa top.

Engine: 4AGE 16v "redblacktop" (87-89)

Specification of modifications/restorations


Suspension mods


Urethane bushings all around

Koni Sport dampers

Lesjofors (Swedish) progressive springs with the following rates


F: 1.17-2.55 Kg R: 2.03-3.30 Kg

And uncompressed spring length changes:


F: 290 -> 270mm R: 305 -> 283mm


All fluids and belts have been changed in the last 12 months.


Currently under mid-term full revision and update of all mechanical components for restoration for full availability for canyon/daily/track use while improving the driving-feel and response to surpass the levels attained by Toyota when brand new, while remaining a daily usable and reasonably comfortable means of transportation.

60173_10151126978233700_965060671_n 155137_10151126977968700_900965758_n 189517_3602973708817_17545206_n 312018_3602982669041_1415785069_n 313240_10151188869857326_443817629_n 337175_10151160401597326_1391242527_o 386966_3602947828170_822995798_n 412463_10151197024947326_1599361497_o 415200_10151248647157326_1286602732_o 417456_3602975868871_2031933395_n 558599_10151841239897326_427012897_n 576111_10151188870692326_1613793107_n 620508_10151167177597326_1004653161_o

City and State, Country: Madrid, Spain

Best Regards,

Jorge Azcoitia

M.S. Industrial Engineer

Performance DrivingSo