Club4AG White Meter Cluster inserts for the Scion FRS with MPH dial


Club4AG White Meter Cluster Cyberstork Custom

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Installation Video

These are quality made in Japan overly cluster kit for Scion FR-S which simply covers the original cluster backing and adds our logo on white base with Toyota "T-Mesh" pattern, with Club4AG emblem.

It takes about 1 hour DIY installation time, and are made to order with approximately 2 weeks turn-around time.
Manufactured by Cyberstork in Japan, they are printed on high grade PET laminates with precision UV high resolution printing process.
Distributed by Dragonwings USA with Club4AG.

* These will not work on Subaru BRZ, and are applicable to USA market Scion FRS clusters with MPH indicators and not for KM/H indicator outside market vehicles. This due to the way these must retain the original backing of the cluster and all indicator markings must match in shape and size with the overlay. Supplied with both manual transmission and semi-automatic paddle shift transmission cluster panel inserts.
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