Dissecting the TOYOTA 86 14R-60 Limited Production


Dissecting the TOYOTA 86 14R-60 Limited Production
Yes, it is a production car, though very exclusive and limited...

G Rear

I guess Japan listened to all of the enthusiast voices that understand the "concept" of the FT86 from the inception, a lightweight sports car.

This car has EVERYTHING we would do to this car to prepare it for a raceway tuner challenge, except a turbo. (still a big question for future models as Toyota works out how they relate to FHI who builds these cars)
It's rather a very expensive limited run model becausae of this, since all of these 14R60's are made by hand, off-line away from the assembly line, and fitted with these exclusive TRD Technocraft parts.

Read this list, and tell me what you think.

It's derived from the Griffon Concept
Production Limited to just 100 cars. (Japan ONLY)
While the engine stays close to normal production engine, there are unique features that set this car apart, and here are some of the attributes:

TRD Intake system,
manifold cover,
center output muffler,
air core engine oil cooler,
stiffer bushing engine mount,
mechanical 4 pinion 1.5 way differential,
triple puck TRD clutch disk, and lightened flywheel,
close ratio 14R-60 original transmission gear set,
quick-shift lever mechanism.

revised front performance rods
rear V-brace
adjustable height coil-over monotube suspension
revised rear trailing arms
front / rear lower arm revision
front toe control arms
lightened front window

front canards
carbon fiber roof
rear diffuser
rear wing
side skirt
front wide fender
lower arm air deflectors
4/2 pot Mono-block caliper brakes 2-piece rotor
Alloy magnesium ultralight wheels
Bridgestone "Spec 14R60" Tire
EPS-CAN Engine computer box

Full Bucket Seats (TRD by BRIDE)
Carbon interior Panels
Steering wheel (Alcantara)
Rear seat-delete panels
Alcantara shift lever knob
Scuff plates
Takata "TRD" 4 Point Harness.
Titanium license plate bolt.
Radio and AC delete
Transmission Scuff Plate
Green tint side glass
Revised Quick ratio electric power steering.

Did you catch the color code?  The original new paint too for this car, a white called Crystal Pearl and coded not the usual J37 but K1X (and it's the only color available)

And you want to know how much this costs to the lucky 100 buyers?

It's a reasonable Y 6,300,000 Japanese Yen. (Approximately $60,000)
Before you gawk and throw a fit, you must understand that I have half of this done by custom fab or with aftermarket parts, and at MSRP for the parts, it's at $55,000 plus. So with lots of further development, and several things I can't even replicate, I think it's totally reasonable. (keep in mind, I never said 'affordable")

Just released from Toyota Technocraft and announced on Toyota Japan website below.



G-Gear G-Wheel G-CArbon G-lower G clutch G-Interior G-Body G Rear Gfront