Lexus RCF, TVD - Torque Vectoring Differential Gear System, a revolution in sports car drivetrain.


Lexus RCF, TVD - Torque Vectoring Differential Gear

A look at the Lexus RC-F's optional TVD System, which might be the most revolutionary equipment to be installed on a production car, taking wisdom of F1, and modern WRC tech.

The first production car differential pretty much, outside of some exotics, which limits the wheel slip by accelerating the outside wheel, rather than "limiting" the inside, and also seamlessly integrates electronically with the VSC and TRC system without depending on the braking systems so much.

The difference of the wheels therefore, is managed by pushing the wheel that needs more speed, rather than reducing the speed to the wheels that should not, making use of more energy, and losing less momentum by frictional devices. The inner spline works with the traditional clutch pack, managed by an actuator, and the outer spline is hooked to a separate planetary gear system that can accelerate the shaft speed by as much as 4~5%...

The entire device is rather new to production cars and while the initial prices for the option is very expensive, it may well be the start and to adapt on to other performance cars in the future to drive costs down.   The amazing unit is electronically controlled and since it is all driven with actuators and cogs, clutch packs and planetary gears, the future application is not only in racing but just about any form of traction control applications!

Amazing device, if you are a racing engineer. 😉


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