CU Terminal Connections

4A-GZE (USA Model AW11) 

schematics contributed by Andy Karkos

Toyota 4AGZE ECU pin-outs (U.S. with AFM and distributor)

From the Toyota MR2 1988 electrical wiring diagram.

4agze-ecu1.jpg (322986 bytes)4agze-ecu2.jpg (363440 bytes)4agze-ecu3.jpg (184273 bytes)

EO2 E01 Earth 01, Earth 02
RSO RSC both to ISC valve
IGT STA IGniTer, STArter signal and cold-start injector
E1 EGR Earth 1, EGR solenoid
SMC NSW Supercharger relay, Neutral switch 0r clutch switch
xxx #10 not used, Injectors 1 and 3
xxx #20 not used, injectors 2 and 4
VF G- Check connector, distributor pickup coil
T G1 Test pin (check connector), dist. pickup coil
VTA G2 throttle position sensor, distributor pickup coil
IDL NE Throttle position sensor, distributor pickup coil
HT VS3 O2 sensor heater, air bypass valve solenoid
OX IGF Oxygen sensor, IGnition Feedback from ignitor
E2 THW common for THW THG and AFM, THermistor Water temp
E22 R/P Same as e2, Regular/Premium switch
xxx VS2 Not used, supercharger vent solenoid
L3 L1 From ECT computer
ECT L2 From ECT computer
A/C TIL From a/c amplifier,Supercharger light
W SPD To check engine Warning light, speed sensor
FPU ELS1 Fuel Pressure Up solenoid, stop light switch
KNK THA KNocK sensor, THermistor Air temp (in afm)
xxx VS not used, AFM wiper
THG VC THermistor eGr, AFM supply voltage
B+ Bat switched +12v, constant +12v
+B1 ELS2 switched +12v, idle up diode

There are a few differences between the rare 4AGZE ECU and the non-supercharged versions. My car is running a 4AGZE engine plus a turbo on a Corolla GTS ECU and Supra AFM without *much* difficulty. The specific differences and possible solutions are.....

Extra GTS pins,

GTS ecu has S/TH pin. This is for T-vis solenoid. - Not used
GTS ecu has v/isc pin. Idle-up solenoid. - Not used

Extra 4AGZE pins,

RSO, RSC, - Not used, idle set by screw.
EGR, - No solenoid on egr valve, egr functions fine.
SMC, - Supercharger (and intercooler fan) on dashboard switch.
G1, G2, - use GTS distributor (2 pickups) instead of 4AGZE (3 pickups), MSD 6BTM is used to retard spark under boost.
VS3, - dashboard switch controls supercharger.
R/P, - Use premium always. (who doesn't?)
VS2, - Supercharger vents connected to supercharger output.
TIL, I suppose you could use a LIGHTED dashboard supercharger switch.
W - You have access to this under the hood at the diagnostic connector.
SPD Not used. (no speed limiter)
FPU - Ummm, I don't think this is connected either.
ELS1 - Not used.
KNK - I WISH my ecu could use a knock sensor, see R/P and G1, G2.
THG - Not used either
ELS2 - Not used, idle is set with screw.