2014 Scion Display Radio and the brand new updated BeSpoke module greatly improves the cabin entertainment...


Scion's 2014 standard equipment for all cars in the lineup, is this Display Radio with a 6.1" touch-screen.

Unlike last year's the 2013 BeSpoke, this unit features greatly improved response, a higher resolution display, and gone is the Zypr-based app system, the new add-in module optionally available enables a full on-board navigation, and cloud connectivity with Aha app-base.  The Voice Recognition is actually useful and responsive now, address entry is available in the new OS for destination search and navigation.
The Geo-Location services are now directional-predictive so it points you to a coffee shop that's 2 miles head of you, rather than including places you've already passed going 65mph!
30,000 radio stations are now available to the listener via application internet radio via Aha.  And as before, the excellent noise-cancelling Bluetooth phone and hands-free calling is also standard.

For those with an FR-S, the radio also has white/red illumination that matches closer to the Japanese/Continental version lighting to match a more upscale model Toyota 86 Limited (opps, should I have said this? LOL)

Also new to the 2014 radio is the integration capability for apps on Android-based devices, as well as compatibility with iPhone 5.The 2014 Radio is available NOW, for a limited time with deep discounted pricing of $525 from any Toyota dealership parts department, from the normal MSRP of $1100. And is a direct plug and play on the existing harness.

It is OEM Audio+ compatible for those equipped with those on the FR-S, as well as Beatsonic's back-up camera (confirmed on my own FRS).Bespoke module will be available later with full feature set capability expanding this radio with even a optional AV input for video sources as well 🙂

Don't miss out on the early opportunity to buy one at about half price right now.

2013_6_7_Scion_2014_Radio-100-4 2013_6_7_Scion_2014_Radio-100-3 2013_6_7_Scion_2014_Radio-100-2 2013_6_7_Scion_2014_Radio-100 Radio Overview