iPhone mount solution using BeatSonic QB series secure mounts...


BeatSonic QB series

iPhone 4S mount for the Scion FR-S, to hold it right where it is visible to driver for navigation use. Tweaking Beat Sonic mounts for a nice fit. Also Clazzio seat cover after 2 months, still looking great!

I folded it in another position so the original stiffness of the mount location is preserved but shifted the iPhone horizontally, and put the USB harness to the left where it's not obstructing anything. It's still VERY secure and no drilling or mods needed on the FRS side of interior. It covers the OEM clock but there is a clock on the iPhone so that's not an issue, and Hazard lamp button is still within easy access as are all radio and HVAC controls.

Beatsonic QBD15 and QBA24 used in this project...

1_27_2012_Tustin FRS Meet-100-56 1_27_2012_Tustin FRS Meet-100-54 1_27_2012_Tustin FRS Meet-100-55 1_27_2012_Tustin FRS Meet-100-53 1_27_2012_Tustin FRS Meet-100-52 1_27_2012_Tustin FRS Meet-100-51