Miniature Hayashi Racing CR Wheel, trinkets for his family and friends.


Hayashi Racing CR Wheel


Funny stuff gets made when a company is still owned by a single man with deep passion for awesome crafts. Hayashi Racing 1/10 scale billet CR wheel.

This is so awesome.

And it was only 100 units for family and friends.‪#‎hayashiracing‬ ‪#‎club4ag‬ ‪#‎ae86‬ ‪#‎vintagejapanesecars‬


Enthusiasm for cars should last a lifetime. In today's world of marketing and consumer ad driven life, we often move from one hobby to another, and replace things frequently in our lives to beat a trend or simply to not be out of place with John or Katie next door.

But Mr.Hayashi from the early 60's to now, has always stuck with his vision of car. He's made his own race cars, contributed to prominent race cars with parts he can supply from classics like Toyota 7, to iconic bigtime factory prototypes that raced in LeMans from constructors like DOME.

Never putting his name above others, just made pieces and ideas that he thought passionately about, and secretly installed in the various parts of things the world wouldn't even pay attention to. One thing he did make for the general public was the Hayashi Racing Wheels, which was originally designed for his own Porsche 906's and 917's that he operated as a privateer in the 1960's. It was made popular by his friends who learned to respect him and fell in love with his design.

In the 1980's and 90's and to today, he really wasn't moved to make it into a larger business. He just wanted to keep playing with his own toys and ideas. He was so adamant about his own passions and really passed on business ideas to his friends who took his advice and went on to become today's SSR Wheels, Work Wheels, Weds, RS-R, HRE, 5Zigen, Kranze, and countless others that would off-shoot from these operations.

His company Hayashi Racing still makes these wheels in very small lots, and never going beyond what's being asked from his customers. Resisting marketing, and relying on only the folks who seek him to make them. He doesn't have distributors outside of Japan, and does not wish to have any. He prefers playing with his latest toy, an old coal-powered steamboat he bought from Europe, that he enjoys putting about in Lake Biwa in his elder self.  There are lots of companies on the web who have in the past, dealt for Hayashi Racing, and promoted a catalog.  But none really still sell outside of Japan today.

This time, though, he made 100 pieces of some tiny miniature models of his Hayashi CR. These are made in the exact same way the real wheels are but in 1/10 scale. He made them not for sale, but to give away to his friends and family for a annual greeting this year.

What a man of passion... Total respect.