ECU Terminal Diagram

4A-GE 20V Black Head (1996-2000)

1997 Toyota AE111 Corolla Levin 4A-GE 20V

MAP Sensor, Black Head 20V

From Toyota 4A-GE Engine Repair Manual, South African Edition

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Part # for 20V Black-head ECU

89661-1A360, 1A470, 1E090 (5 Speed manual compatible)

89661-1A470, 1A480, 1A490, and 1E100 (4 Speed AT compatible, OK for 5 Speed as well) 89661-1A660 (6 speed manual compatible) All have the same pin outputs except for AT specific outputs on AT models that can be ignored for MT applications. 1EXXX part numbers are from the last year models which have cleaner fuel maps and slightly leaner mixtures for less response and more detailed diagnostic output... (not suggested for swap applications as it is trickier to operate correctly. 1AXXX ECU's are basically similar except for equipment differences in auxilary outputs depending on if the car came with TEMS controllers, ABS, and other things that are not usually used on swap jobs anyway...and does nothing to the engine operation if disconnected at those pin locations... (more accessible recommended for black-head applications) 1A660 is for the 6 speed equipped AE111 which are compatible with 5 speeds as well but mated with 6 Speed transmission outputs, it has premature rev cut points in 1 st and 6th gear and slightly changed timing curves for a split second after lift throttle and reapplication to ease and protect the 6 speed's synchro and reduce driveline lash. All of the above ECU # are for the AE11X black-head 20V 4A-GE and operate on vacuum sensor (MAP).

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VVT diagram by Stephen Toth

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