4A-GE and 3S-GE: Weight Comparison of Peripherals and Engine

by Sam Crosse (submitted 10/2004)

  • I work at a calibration lab in Queensland, Australia. I just took home our 500kg weighing standard and did some measurements.
  • A 4AGE small port Aussie AE92 complete (no clutch or exhaust manifold) can no alternator bracket (up to 5kg depending on model) was 110.6kg
  • A RWD 3SGE complete (no clutch or exhaust manifold, but alternator mounted) was 129.0kg
  • So the 3SGE into a AE86 is 18.4kg heavier (or around 14kg heavier with factory 4AGE alternator bracket)
  • The W gearbox is up to 20kg heavier though.
  • Also I weighed some extractors.
  • Imported mandrel off the shelf 4AGE extractors from Japan came in at 4.63kg - comparable to factory manifold if not lighter
  • Custom huge mandrel 3SGE RWD extractors came in at 7.90kg!!
Here is some weighing I have done previously on other equipment:-
  • K40 Gearbox 25kg
  • W55 Gearbox 43kg
  • T50 Gearbox ??
  • 4K Complete 109kg
  • 4AGZE Short Block 83kg
  • 4AGZE Big port head 21kg
  • 4AGZE Charger 11kg
  • 4AGZE Alternator and bracket 11kg (1/2 alternator, ½ Bracket!)
  • Total minus intake 126kg
  • RA60 Caliper 5.00kg
  • RA60 Disc 4.20kg
  • Total 9.20kg
  • Z32 Caliper 3.62kg
  • Z32 Disc 7.70kg
  • Total 11.32kg
Interesting that a 4K is mearly a couple of kg less then a 4AGE!!  
Thanks foxtail (sam) Mirc #AE86