Valve Lifter Inner-Shim Conversion

For the 16V 4A-GE (1985-1991)

BY TAKA8 of www.86Life.com

One of the biggest setbacks to making a high rpm 4A-GE 16 valve is the fact that the 16 Valve 4A-GE's valve lifter's design being that of the outer-shim design.  Many kits have been available for making the conversion for inner-shim design (shim-under bucket) have been available but for great expense.  One of the visitor at Club4AG's linked site in Japan, www.86life.com, have come up with a new and simple way of converting the lifters in the 16V  4A-GE.

As much as we all hate the clumsy design of the Vitz and the sister cars the Platz, the Yaris, and the FunCargo, the 1SZ-FE 1.0 liter 4 cylinder engines use a lifter system that's compatible.  And guess what?  It's inner shim design.  What's more, the shims are available in pretty exacting selection in the .02mm increments from 5.12 ~ 5.68.  It's also approximately 20 grams lighter than those shims in the 4A-GE 16V so I'd say it's an ideal upgrade for a rebuilt 4A-GE aiming at high rpms.  I would say it's highly recommended for rebuilders of the 16V's.

As you can see from there photos, the 1SZ-FE's single piece lifter at left is the inner-shim design made of better and lighter materials while the 2 part, outer-shim buckets of the 4A-GE seems archaic by design. Actually the buckets are of the one-piece design and there's no shims at all!  It's done by the micro-protrusions that act as shims...

Actually the buckets themselves look like the one's on the 20V's but without the shims...hummm...

Even if you got the lifters all mixed up, it's labeled in the back so you can assemble them with ease...

Part numbers are as follows and may or may not be available in your area.

13751-23030       5.12
13751-23040    5.14
13751-23050    5.16
13751-23060    5.18
13751-23070    5.20
13751-23080    5.22
13751-23090    5.24
13751-23100    5.26
13751-23110    5.28
13751-23120    5.30
13751-23130    5.32
13751-23140    5.34
13751-23150    5.36
13751-23160    5.38
13751-23170    5.40
13751-23180    5.42
13751-23190    5.44
13751-23200    5.46
13751-23210    5.48
13751-23220    5.50
13751-23230    5.52
13751-23240    5.54
13751-23250    5.56
13751-23260    5.58
13751-23270    5.60
13751-23280    5.62
13751-23290    5.64
13751-23300    5.66
13751-23310    5.68