2016 Toyota GRMN 86, Limited Production to 100 Units Unveils at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

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2016 Toyota GRMN 86, Limited Production to 100 Units Unveils at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

We've always stuck our necks out in hopes to buy the limited model from last year, the 14R60 sold only in Japan with a whole ton of cool track-ready and functional differences, some elaborate as much as dry carbon roof, and swan neck wing.  We never got them outside of Japan however, and this new model, also slated near $60,000 USD (Y6,400,000 JPY) is again slated for orders on Japan only next year starting on January 4th, 2016.
This GRMN considered some of the 14R60 complaints of not having a drastic engine spec changes over the standard 86.  And notably as a result, will come with completely hand-balanced, and built FA20 with internal components coated with friction reducing racing treatment, and plenty of tricks that took the Gazoo Nurburgring 24 Hour car to victory.  It's mated to a specially treated and rebuilt close ratio 6 speed manual box as well.  Catalog rating for the GRMN's engine is Naturally Aspirated 216ps/21.1kgm which is roughly 10% higher than normal FA20, but the biggest difference being the utter ability to spin smoother, and rev higher and endure much more abuse. It also produces peak torque at nearly 1000 rpm lower revs, as well as peak horsepower at 300 higher rpm, making the power delivery linear and stable all the way to upper ranges.

Among the more visible side of the tuning is much like the 14R60, where dry carbon roof as well as hood, and even trunk lid this time are used.  Side glass are all replaced with high gloss UV poly-carbonates, as well as the rear window.   Front glass is replaced with high-durability lightweight composite glass that reduces weight as well as adds rigidity.  More dry carbon can be found in the side garnish for the fenders, and bottom skirts and front lip area too.  All functionally designed in the Toyota R&D wind tunnels of course.
While there are these obvious exterior cues, most of the tuning is something only the extremely talented and capable drivers will notice, and as such, is a completely refined "driver's car" rather than something flashy conjured by marketing ideas.  Computer re-tune of the engine, throttle and ABS are obvious, but in this package, a very factory-only re-tune expertise are applied such as te-rune of the VSC, LSD actuation, steering programming, braking balance, and suspension damper valving, all original and extremely specific to these 100 cars.   The newly developed seats are from Recaro and are realigned at the reclining angle for the 86's cockpit as well.   Front brakes feature a racing mono-block 6 piston caliper and drilled rotors, and rear having now a 4 piston as well, and in addition to reclaim the body alignment added by the increased forces, there are strategic reinforcements both at the sub-frame add-on, as well as in the integral parts of the uni-body.   Despite all the additions though, combined with the replacement of dry carbon goods and interior upgrades, the weight is kept exactly the same as the standard model GT grade, at a mere 1230kg curb weight.  This means this car will move down a raceway quite differently than the standard 86 in the hands of a good driver.

In fact these, like the 14R60 will be taken offline from Subaru at mid-production, and hand assembled to this spec at the Toyota's Motomachi Plant where race cars, and extremely high end, low production cars like the Lexus LFA and last of the best Toyota Land Cruisers were hand-built as the normal agenda.  These 100 cars will slip through there and met with few dozen extremely qualified craftsmen for the assembly.  So in other words, this is the truly Toyota-built "86" when we consider all the important assembly that takes place here, and modified from the production standard 86.

(translated from Press Release materials Toyota Japan, Response article, and other sources.)
Photos: Response.jp

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